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SharePoint for Estate Agents

This project aims to develop a sharepoint solution for estate agents to manage the life cycle of property-selling process. Two versions of the solution have been built:

1. Customisation Version - SPD is the main development tool. XSLT has been widely employed to implement this solution. As "Site Template" cannot store Site Columns and Content Types, I have backuped the site and save the .cmp in the repository. Customisation Report (PDF)

2. Development Version - Visual Stuido is the main development tool. A list of provisioning components have been created, such as list definitions, page templates, Web Parts, event handlers, timer job, workflow templates and branding components (e.g. Master Page) . Development Report (PDF)
* This solution just meets a simplified business requirements of property management. The real-world business requirements of property management would be much more complex. 

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

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